Fin5 2012 is organised by a group of orienteering clubs that have joined together across province and language borders to bring you this event:

- Suunta-Jurva, which was founded in 1994 when Jurvan Urheilijat and Jurvan Voima combined their orienteering sections

- Närpes OK, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2006

- Teuvan Rivakka, a multi-sport club founded 108 years ago

The event organisers have, among others, organised the following events
- Jukola Relay 2001, Suunta-Jurva
- FinnSpring 2009, Närpes OK
- MTB-O middle distance national championships 2009, Teuvan Rivakka
- Veteran middle distance orienteering national championships 2010, Teuvan Rivakka
- Junior skiing national championships 2004, Teuvan Rivakka
- Hopeasompa skiing final 2009, Teuvan Rivakka 


    PohA  EepA  PopA  VeiA

                             Databros nappi  KrvBjpg  JukB

                           AspoB  AtriaB DexalB NonameB  KorpelaB                                                            LintuB  Osp  Yaranappi Jonserednappi JokiB                                                                         Nipere ViaB  Agrinappi Hiipakka