Hot food will be available at the competition centers during every race day between 11-17 (on Monday 9.7. 11-18). At the event center in Teuva breakfast will be served every day between 7-9 at Teuva Yhteiskoulu. The price for breakfast is 5 euro, 3 euro for children younger than 12.

The lunch at the competition centers will be served in field conditions to where it is transported from the main kitchen. In Jurva lunch is served in a temporary tent and at Parra in the Parra Hut.

The cafeteria will be in connection with the field restaurant in Jurva. At Parra it will be in the Nevala Hall and at the outdoor cafeteria next to the swimming pond.

At both competition centers grilled sausages and waffles will also be sold. Additionally also tee, cocoa, juice, soft drinks, baked rolls, bread rolls, ice cream and sweets will be sold.

The cafeterias will be open monday at 9, tuesday-thursday at 8 and saturday at 7, snack vendors will be open daily at 9.

The lunch restaurant will only accept lunch tickets sold by an adjacent cashier or at the Event Center Info as payment. Cash, debit cards and the most common credit cards are accepted as payment for the lunch tickets. Cafeterias and other snack vendors only accept cash.


Monday 9.7

Chicken pasta
Vegetarian pasta
Green salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato)

Tuesday 10.7
Minced meat soup
Vegetarian soup
Breakfast cheese, pickles, lettuce

Thursday 12.7
Meat balls + gravy
Vegetarian meat balls + gravy
Mashed potatoes
Cabbage-carrot-peach salad, lingonberry mash

Friday 13.7
Ham and potato casserole
Vegetarian casserole
Tomato-red onion salad
Lettuce-cucumber-tomato-melon salad

Saturday 14.7
Meat shred gravy
Cabbage salad
Vegetarian lasagnette

Adults 8 , 5 for children younger than 12

Lunch includes food, salad, bread, spread, juice and water.
Low-lactose, dairy free and gluten free diets taken into consideration.


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